Finally: The Super Conqueror

A tank appeared in the game today, which many players have been waiting for in World of Tanks Blitz: The British Super Conqueror! If he really is as super as his name suggests, you can find out here.

Placement in the game

The Super Conqueror is a further development of the Tier IX Conqueror from the British Research Tree. In short, it is even the same tank, with a reinforced bulkhead armour on the turret and additional armour plates on the hull. However, the cannon has suffered from this.

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The tank in detail

The Super Conqueror is a classic Brit on TierX with a significantly reinforced turret, making it perfect for hulldown positions. Let's compare it to its relatives at the highest level for an analysis.


His good turret had to be compensated at other levels, and this was done at the DPM level. This one is not earth-shattering with less than 3000 and FV215b and also the Chieftain have a higher one. But what is still negative is the aiming time:

The Super Conqueror has got a significantly increased aiming time of two seconds after the test phase. You have to get used to this. If you suspect a cannon like your colleagues', the shots will pass clearly and easily.


The special feature of the Super Conqueror is its armouring. It is frontally very strong at the upper hull and especially protected at the turret, which makes many enemies desperately switch to HE. If you manage to take a hulldown position, you are a serious threat to the enemy team, who can only flank you to take you out. From the sides you are vulnerable. The turret has hardly any weak spots and is mounted in the front. Together with -10° gun depression many positions are usable for you.

Mobility and miscellaneous

The mobility is average and in most cases sufficient. However, you must be careful of fast opponents, as they can easily circle you, especially on rugged terrain.

But the biggest weak point compared to the FV215(b) from the research tree is in my opinion that you cannot use the special equipment of the British. You have no speed boost and no reactive armour. This is a drawback to be aware of when you are up against these opponents, who already have a higher DPM.


The Super Conqueror is a good tank on Tier X that can clearly show its strengths in hulldown positions. With appropriate enemies, rounds with a very high damage potential are possible. But I can't say that it's so super and outshines all the others. Experienced players will have fun with it, but the average player will soon realize that the tank is anything but "OP". It's kind of like an Action X on Tier X, whose cannon likes to bitch.

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