Moronia.FM - the podcast of the PS13

We have created a new format, and that is our own podcast! In this podcast you will learn many things about the game and of course also about us. We have the opportunity to talk to you and give the community a voice! Have fun with it!


What is a podcast?

Wikipedia tells us the following: A podcast is a series of mostly subscribable media files over the Internet. The portmanteau word is composed of the English radio term broadcast and the term for the portable MP3 player iPod, with whose success podcasts were directly connected. A single podcast consists of a series (episodes) of media contributions (for example, recordings of radio broadcasts, interviews, automatically read newspaper articles, music broadcasts, etc.), which can be automatically obtained via a web feed (usually RSS). Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

How can you hear us?

Our podcast Moronia.FM is hosted on podigee . You can subscribe to it via various apps on different platforms on your smartphone, or just listen to it here on our website. Some of the platforms on which we will distribute our podcast are: iTunes, Spotify, various Google Apps and Deezer. So have fun listening!
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