Welcome to the Panzerfahrschule, the heart of the PS13

In the driving school we teach you - as the name suggests - tank driving in World Of Tanks Blitz. In the PS13 we have developed various concepts for you, from self-study to individual supervision with a personal driving instructor!

History of origins

Since the beginning of the PS13 project, the focus has been on imparting and passing on knowledge. Interested players should be given the opportunity to improve themselves and their game.
In the beginning R1B made videos about tanks and maps, in April 2018 the pilot of the individual driving school, i.e. the joint driving of R1B with a student driver, was started.
The focus here is on analysing and improving individual game behaviour, e.g. how to use different types of tanks sensibly, which routes on which maps make sense when, correct reading of the MM, game opening, game overview - to name just a few contents. Always Tuesdays around 20:15 in the stream on Youtube with the following four students:





Expansion of the concept and new ideas

Since there was far more interest from the beginning than R1B could handle, we thought about how we could expand the whole thing. As a first step we have put a summarized basic explanation of the game online for you, here we briefly outline the battle modes, tank types and types, exploring, buying and equipping tanks, the currencies used...


Based on this, Neos81 explains some basic elements of the game to you via video, such as the garage, the settings, knowledge about clans, friendship list, train driving.


The PS13 Ten-Step Concept is a video series about self-education. Here you can learn more and more subtleties of this complex game according to your own time management.
R1B explains you different contents how: Armour types, playing styles, accessories and their uses, spots count, active and passive playing.
Ten steps concept


Drizzell had the idea for a driving school with your personal coach! This program brings several students and teachers together in practice and allows you in an individual and flexible way a personal driving school!
PS13 Driving school with coach
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