Travelblog: Tankfest 2019

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The Tankfest:

In the south of England a tank museum was opened as early as 1947, which today has the world's largest collection of armoured combat vehicles. The exhibition consists of over 300 tanks from 26 countries. Among them is the oldest surviving main battle tank in the world, the British prototype "Little Willie" from the First World War, the only surviving specimen of the Mark I type based on it, as well as a specimen of the German Tiger I.
As a highlight the museum invites once a year to a big festival, which is appropriately called tank festival. There all visitors have the chance to admire the veterans of steel live and action. A supporting program over three days offers from morning to evening everything that makes the tank heart beat faster. And we UNs can't miss that either:

The journey:

In the WoTB Clan -UN- the idea came up quickly: That's where we have to go! Since we are closely connected with the PS13 and the German community, a small group of adventurers quickly gathered to leave for England on 26.06.2019.

Among the travellers are:

  • [-UN-]: UNoBIO, Hassomat, SmokeJaguar13 und Neos81
  • [RA1D]: ___R1B___
  • [FZ]: Yolda, Chicko482
  • [FUZ]: Mandorallen1

2.07.2019 - Home again...

... If you were on holiday all year round, the pleasure would be as boring as the work. (Shakespeare)

Almost a week is now behind UNs all and every tank madman has reached his home place yesterday again safely and UN-damaged. The days behind UNs were simply beautiful and every single one of us tried to find the right words to describe this experience. I personally would like to thank all the great guys who started this trip with me. You are true friends and when experienced men shed a tear when saying goodbye, one quickly notices how beautiful it was. Thank you.

Aside from millions and millions of calories from having fun, the following consumables were used on the trip:

  • 230 litres diesel
  • 300 Litres Gasoline
  • 10 Litres Alt
  • 2 Litres Appenzeller
  • 1 Litres Whiskey
  • 1 Litres Rum
  • 0,7 Litres Mümmelmann
  • 4 boxes of Augustiner beer
  • 3 boxes of Veltins
  • 4-6 Litres Äbbelwoi
  • 4 Litres orange juice
  • 3 Litres Red Bull
  • 10 Litres Water
  • 1/2 pig
  • 1kg Nutella, Marmelade
  • 5kg Bred, Baguette, Toast, Garlicbred
  • 15 Eggs
  • Asparagus, apples, bacon, mushrooms, cream cheese, butter, cola and much more.

We would like to thank UNs for all the people who made this trip such a great experience. In the homeland UNseren families, which did without UNs for this time, and naturally also the mad people locally. This includes not only our Mansion owner, who made this dreamlike place come true, but also everyone at the tank festival. Special thanks also go to Wargaming, Alex and Ribble in particular, who welcomed and integrated UNs with open arms. And of course we thank the whole community! Over 1000 people have read UN's blog! We hope that you enjoyed it and are looking forward to the further time together with you!

Die PS13 und ihre Freunde sagen: DANKE
Die PS13 und ihre Freunde sagen: DANKE

Thank you all for this great trip! See you next year on #tankfest2020!

30.06.2019 - Hemmingway said ...

... write drunk - edit sober. In this sense, on UNserem last evening, a little blögchen. Today it was quite intense again, both regarding the tank density and the work behind and in front of the scenes. We took a closer look at the museum and shot the second part of the video "WoT Panzer in echt" and additionally one based on the "Tiger Collection" and a "Best of Tankfest 2019". Keep your eyes open. We promise that the next uploads will be true highlights and especially the "Best of..." has its moments.

It was a special time for UNs. Everything worked smoothly and as a team we UNser did our best to represent the community as a whole. We got to know UNs better and also the human side of WarGaming. Let's hope that our efforts meet with open ears, but that's the impression we got.

In a few hours the journey home starts, in the morning at 4, and we will arrive tired at home. Never mind. It was worth it and for 2020 we have already booked again. See you later.

29.06.2019 - Right in the middle of it instead of only thereby

Today was the first full TankFest day with a tight and impressive program. We had booked GrandStand tickets and thus seats directly at the spectacle. With over 30°C and grandstands without roof a bit hot, but what rolled past us in less than 10m distance quickly compensated UNs. We started with an exercise of the British Army, including dropping infantry and "turning off" a T-72, followed by a D-Day convoy, various battle groups with skydivers and cold war warriors. It drove among other things:

Stuart M3, M16 Halftrack, M4 Sherman, Morris Armoured Car, Sherman Firefly, Panther, Centurion, Leopard 1, Leopard PRTL, Type 59, T-72, M103, M60, Chieftain, Challenger 1 and the original Sherman Fury from the movie.

The day was interrupted by a 2-hour meeting with people from WarGaming - it was productive - but more about that in the News. One thing that quickly became clear to everyone here, the 50t things are more powerful than you might imagine and the Jagdpanther and Panther (both Tier 7) are not even rudimentarily fairly represented in the game. They are monsters. Sexy monsters. We're editing a video for you that will upload the days of R1B. See you tomorrow.

28.06.2019 - Tank festival: The start is on

We are at the Tankfest and already overwhelmed by the impressions. Wargaming gave us a nice welcome and we are able to give you bonus codes. More about this soon. Cromwell B, Tiger 131 - we are there.

Wargaming - closer than ever before

We have UN's first day at the tank festival behind UN's - and it was very impressive in many facets. The fleet of tanks here is amazing. The first time a Panther starts his Maybach engine right next to you, the earth trembles with joy. Everywhere tank crazy and in the middle of it a big Wargaming stand. From the beginning we were involved in the events, were not only allowed to say UNs opinion, but also wishes and suggestions. Everyone is very nice and we will exchange UNs even more constructively. To experience UNd Bushka and sk8t live is pure entertainment. 😉

UNd UNsere kind arrives. So it didn't take long until pictures appeared on the official Facebook page.

Following some impressions:



The first tanks are sighted.

It's not long now, and we're in tank heaven. The first specimens have already been mocked. Of course Bio was the first to see him in the old manner and the meeting was celebrated with a horn concert. By the way: a Centurion 7/1 as it could not be more beautiful.

... Meanwhile interesting scenes took place in the meadows and fields shortly before Bovington. Foreign-looking goats flock together. Clearly recognizable is their gleam. The the haunting sounds of mowing died only briefly after security personnel crossed their path. You'll see more of it tomorrow - ONLY HERE.

27.06.2019 - The early bird

Moin Moin dear sports friends! This morning at 3 o'clock the journey to England began. The night was accordingly short, but the anticipation defeats the tiredness. Yesterday evening was very cosy and we sat together for a long time. The conversations were not only about the common hobby, but about God and the world.

Why didn't we make it to the pool? We still ask ourselves that. But the shower this morning comforted us. Even though Chicko was sad that not everyone fitted in at the same time. Freddy even discovered a rare dripstone cave inside the new apartment. And Blenu was musically awakened by bio.

Currently we are in Belgium after a short Dutch stage. In 150km Calais is already waiting for us.

7:13 am - we have reached the tunnel. We spend the waiting time for the train with warm iced coffee and a round dance around the bus.

England - we're here.

It's 8:00 again now - and we're there. After a tunnel crossing accompanied by interesting smells (we agreed that it is old wet concrete, dead fish, rubber and grandma under the arm) we are on the island. This had to be celebrated of course. Directly on the first parking lot "Germany" from Rammstein roars from the loudspeakers and it is tested whether Augustiner also tastes on this latitude. Meanwhile Mando oils the horn so that we can teach the English to drive on the right lane. Careful - there's a lot more to come.

Paradise is where I am. (Voltaire)

We arrived at our holiday home after a long drive through picturesque English landscapes and UNs lack the words to describe this beautiful place worthily. We have a beautiful cottage with a huge garden that pictures and words alone cannot describe. The Internet here is not the best, but we try to shoot a video to share it with you. More after the meal.


26.06.2019 - D-Day

It's time. Whether from the deepest Swiss gorge, the mountainous Bavaria, simply from Hesse, or the cool coast: The journey has begun. Bio is waiting excitedly at his wonderfully prepared meeting point and the participants are on their way. The joy is great!

It is 6 p.m. and by now all participants have arrived. In beautiful weather in Bios beautiful garden, after a hop-rich refreshment, we are now debating how to proceed. The rest of the evening promises barbecue fun at the pool. Only the thought of leaving for England at 3:00 in the morning feels strange at the moment.

25.06.2019 - Last preparations

Tomorrow it starts already - the time passes like in the flight. While Chicko still has to find out the right folding technique for his favourite slipper so that it fits wrinkle-free into his suitcase, Mando is on a big mission: Somehow the Augustinian pallets still have to go into the emergency vehicle? In order to find the solution, they first relaxed for another round in the barbershop. At the same time the uncontrolled growth was cut back before the English still think that we are Scots. Maybe we'll see a stream with Blenu afterwards, if he has decided which train to take to Zurich tomorrow. We will see - the rest is waiting in great anticipation for tomorrow. We'll get back to you tomorrow when the journey begins.


24.06.2019 - An expedition into the (united) beer realm

Slowly the suitcases are packed and Bio puts up the place cards. The expedition starts in two days and a heat wave like it hasn't happened for a long time has been announced. Up to 40°C are announced. So the participants will arrive directly in UN-blue swimming trunks and the fridge of the team transporter will not stay as full as Mando filled it with painstaking detail work.

Meanwhile there is also news from WG. At the tank festival there will be daily game shows and live presentations with guests. So maybe we'll get first hand news that we can share with you.


19.06.2019 - The tension is rising

Today in one week the Expedition Tankfest starts with the individual journey of the participants to the first checkpoint near Düsseldorf in Germany. Everywhere, souvenirs and natural objects are already being collected in order to be optimally prepared for every eventuality. Neos has specially fitted new tyres and had the rear seat removed so that Blenus make-up suitcases fit into the car again. Bio is still tiling three of his four new baths and Mando is playing Reality-Tetris in his VW fridge to find out how to maximise the number of hop cold dishes. Now we only hope that Yolda's call on Facebook bears fruit and he can collect enough hamsters so that his electric motor doesn't run out of breath while driving.

To sum up, we can say: The tension and anticipation is growing immeasurably and we can hardly wait.

13.06.2019 - Who is going with them?

The travel group comprises eight people - but who actually rides with them? The journey was initiated by the members of the [-UN-] clan. So it's not surprising that half of the participants wear a blue helmet. Not only does it protect from sun and fire, it can also be used as a drinking vessel, which UNoBio will certainly prove during the journey.
Besides Neos81 I, Hassomat, am also admin of Panzerschule 13, so it didn't take long until R1B became aware of the action. Since you didn't only get to know and appreciate each other through the game, but also personally, he was of course on fire. (This fire is to be observed since then at his Avatar on Discord exactly) The participants are completed by further team members of the PS13 and the crew was ready.

Let's think of the current video of the 10-step concept, there combined 225 damage / animal (last 30 days) drive to England (https://youtu.be/iS1mOYS3SyY). So there is a lot coming up to the WG stand...

12.06.2019 - Preparations

Led by the blue helmets, the group will soon leave for England. As befits UNs, we start UNs mission well dressed, of course. As preparation several designs for the common UNiform were sketched in the Designstuben and cellars. The first copies of the UN clan shirt have already arrived and are currently being distributed to the various clothing chambers.
In addition, the journey is planned with several transporters. While the staff will be chauffeured by Mando with a new crew transporter from the vehicle manufacturer VW, Neos will use the all-terrain powerhouse with roaring exhaust to divide the canal at Calais like Moses.

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