Our donation marathon was a resounding success, it is almost impossible to express it in words! Fantastic incredible 8.200 € have been donated in the course of the 12 hours stream, you are the madness! Nobody, but also none of us could have dreamed of such a stunning result!
We would like to thank everyone who made PS13 Stream history with their donations! That's one f.......ing awesome community!!!
There will be an official handover of the amount to the shooting star and of course we will film it for you. You can get the information here and on discord as soon as we know how and where.

What awaited you in the stream?

Mootality was there for a few hours.
We had "Livio" there, an artist who painted fantastic pictures live.
We had "mini events" and games for the community
You've got plenty prizes 7 x Panzer Panther/M10 (Tier 7), 3 x Panzer Löwe (Tier 8), 14 x 14 Tage Premium-Konto

For what and who did you donate?

We had three heart's desires which we can now safely fulfill for the children with your energetic help:

Husky Travel at Muothatal 

The redesign of the 9 year old had to have a kidney removed after a kidney tumor. Meanwhile she is well again so that she can look forward to her upcoming wish fulfillment. In March the girl is allowed to travel with her family to the Muothatal and experience Huskies up close. After an overnight stay in the lodge, the big adventure with the wonderful dogs awaits Anna the next day. She is allowed to visit the sled dog facility, feed the huskies and then of course take a fast ride on the sled through the snow-covered winter landscape.

Trip to Harry Potter

The redesign of the 14 year old Sara is a huge Harry Potter fan. She has read all the books several times and also seen the movies. Whatever detail you want to know from her, she has the answer to every question when it comes to the sorcerer's apprentice and his friends. But how exactly is the rain made in the film? And how can you make the magic wand float? Sara will explore the answers at the Harry Potter Museum in London in April. Just the thing to give her a new boost after her cancer.

Birthday Party 

In the near future Cedric will be 18 years old.. Of course, this has to be celebrated. He wants to be able to throw a really big party, to be the centre of attention, to invite a lot of people and to listen to his favourite music. He particularly likes Schlager, but also old classics and music that creates a party atmosphere ... At the beginning of March we will fulfil the heart's desire of the youngster who lives with Trisomie 21. The bar has been booked, the cake and food have been ordered and the DJ is already in the starting blocks. Even a band will play and make this day an unforgettable experience for Cedric.

Thank you very much for bringing these children's eyes to shine together with us and putting a huge smile on their faces!

The Children's Aid Foundation Sternschnuppe

As the recipient of our donation, we have the Children's Aid Foundation Sternschnuppe is selected. This one's target is, Joy and variety in the lives of children and adolescents up to the age of 18, who are living with an Illness, disability or the consequences of a serious injury live.

Since 1993, the Foundation has made it its mission to bring a star from heaven for these children, by giving them their most intimate Herzenswunsch fulfilled. It also finances star projects - experience-oriented projects for institutions - and offers leisure stars - varied leisure activities for families and groups with affected children.

The Children's Aid Foundation Sternschnuppe non-profit organization operating throughout Switzerland with offices in Zurich and Lausanne. She is supported in her work by an honorary board of trustees, an advisory board and numerous volunteers.

"For children with a disease or disability, we'll get a star from the sky"


sternschnuppe flyer1
sternschnuppe flyer2
We can make children's eyes shine thanks to the work of the shooting star. The organization of heart's desires is always very professional and the meetings with children, parents and Shooting Star companions are heartwarming. Thank you for your commitment and congratulations on your birthday.

- Manu Burkart und Jonny Fischer, Cabaret Divertimento​

The shooting star brings big wishes from the sky and makes little people happy. It is always a great privilege for us to be able to give children unforgettable moments by visiting a Rega base.

We would like to thank the shooting star for the long and good cooperation and wish all good "fairies" in the background a lot of energy for their valuable work!

- Judith Jerez, Leiterin Sozial- und Betreuungsdienst, Rega

I always like to stand up for the shooting star because I am of the opinion that what the foundation does is priceless and unfortunately far too rare in this performance-oriented world. I have already been able to make some encounters with affected children and young people and have been able to use my status as a well-known musician to make one or the other happy. Since I am in the fortunate position of being able to make music and thus do something good for people, I try to do this as often as possible. I wish the shooting star continued success in her work and am always there.

- Bligg, Musiker

Raffle of unique prizes!

We raffled off two shirts of our WoTB World Champions, signed by Team RA1D, among all participants of the donation! This is absolutely unique and exclusive, as the shirts are no longer produced.

And we added another one and raffled off two exclusive PS13 shirts!

RA1D shirts Duo
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