Battle Pass available soon

Soon comes the Battle Pass in World of Tanks Blitz! What exactly this is and what awaits you there, you can find out here!

What is a Battle Pass?

The Battle Pass is similar to the well-known events. It is an inGame activity where you can get rewards by completing levels. The levels can be completed by completing inGame missions.

The Levels:

The operation "Onslaught" is divided into 40 levels. At the beginning each player is at level 0 and plays his way up the levels by completing the inGame missions. To complete the missions, the temporary new currency "stamps" is introduced. These can be earned in the missions: three for the simplest missions, two for medium missions and one stamp for the most difficult missions. A total of 15 stamps can be earned per day to complete the levels. For each level of the Battle Pass 10 stamps are needed.


For the operation "Onslaught" there will be two variants: A free one for each player and an extended one with costs for the owners of the pass. There are separate level paths for each variant.

The free path of the Battle Pass is highlighted in gray, the parallel paid path in gold.


If you do not want to spend money, you can expect the following rewards:

  • Credits
  • FreeXP
  • Gold
  • Premium Account
  • Filling boxes for credit points and free experience (similar to Christmas)
  • Certificates for vehicle research
  • AAvatars
  • Camouflages

If you want to win even more, you have to buy the Battle Pass. For a little real money wagering, the amount of the above mentioned things increases immensely and the following is added to it:

  • Two collector vehicles: The Covenanter and the KV-1S Thunder
  • More filling boxes with gold
  • And an own profile background (the one with the player statistics)

Further advantages of the paid Battle Pass

The passport opens the way to the above mentioned premiums. It can be purchased at any time during the event. If you buy it at a later date, you will receive all the premium winnings from the previous completed levels.

Furthermore, the number of daily medium-heavy missions will be increased. This means that you can earn 5 more stamps per day than if you play the event for free. Almost like an additional eleventh mission. Furthermore, with the pass you have the ability to skip levels with gold.

Effort calculation

400 stamps are needed to complete all stages of the 28-day operation "Onslaught". This means that 14.3 stamps will be needed daily. So if you don't want to spend any money and manage to complete the missions every day, the whole event is free to play through.

Through the possession of the paid Battle Pass and the 5 additional stamps per day, the event can be completed within 20 days.


The Battle Pass is an inGame activity that is very similar to an event. It offers the possibility to receive many prizes as a reward for daily playing for free. It can be played through without any real money or inhuman effort and you will get a lot of free gifts.

If you want to have even more gifts and make it easier for yourself at the same time, you can buy a passport. This will only cost $5. So the conclusion is consistently positive!

Information in moving pictures

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