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The PS13 is the central meeting point for the German-speaking player community of the MMOs World of Tanks Blitz of the company Wargaming. On the following pages we have summarized a lot of information, news, tips & tricks and much more. You'll also find our driving school, the 10-step concept and other learning material to give you a better gaming experience. We also offer regular events and tournaments where we are looking forward to your participation. Have fun on our platform. 
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  • Heat and Steel Event
    Vom 4. bis 14. August findet in World of Tanks Blitz das "Heat and Steel"- Event statt! Es gibt also wieder viel zu gewinnen. Welche Preise ihr erwarten könnt und was ihr dafür tun müsst, dass erfahrt wie immer hier von Hassomat. […]
  • T54E2 - The Shark Attacks!
    Today a special beauty came into the shop, the T54E2. It is a heavy American tank of tier level VIII and will teach its colleagues on that level to be afraid. What you need to know about it, of course, you can find out here as always.
  • PS13 TechTree
    From the very beginning, the basic idea behind PS13 has always been to make World of Tanks Blitz players out there a little bit better, to provide support and guidance. The game itself develops very fast and especially beginners are often overstrained. And it is exactly these beginners that Lucas_One now offers help with a new video series.
  • Vehicle Developments Update 7.0
    The update 7.0 of World of Tanks Blitz is now online for a while and Wargaming has now released the performance data of the players on the tanks of level VIII-X. Thanks to the members of PS13, we were able to evaluate the official graphs and provide you with more detailed evaluations and analysis below.
  • Finally: The Super Conqueror
    A tank appeared in the game today, which many players have been waiting for in World of Tanks Blitz: The British Super Conqueror! If he really is as super as his name suggests, you can find out here.
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